EcoSTAR® is the registered trade mark for compounds produced by Tisan. The demand for good environmental performances and lower dependency to fossile ressources makes recycled plastics favorite in all markets.

EcoSTAR® is new compounds from old plastics.

EcoSTAR® compounds are produced on the basis of our formulas. Fibreglass reinforced, elastomer modi?ed, heat-stabilized and mineral ?lled, virgin materials are additionally used to improve the product quality. This allows to

EcoSTAR® nearly reach the quality level of ?rst compounds.

EcoSTAR® utilize a lot less energy and water, have a lot less residual waste and produce a lot more ?rst grade.

EcoSTAR® recovers the most prevalent and valuable materials often in multiple grades and colors.

EcoSTAR® Formulations can also be developed to meet speci?c market needs.

 H 0100000052P PA6, UNR naturel PDF Görüntüle
 M 01000112 PA6, 30% glass fiber reinforced black PDF Görüntüle
 M 01000398 PA6, 30% glass fiber reinforced black PDF Görüntüle
 M 01000494 PA6, 30% glass fiber reinforced black PDF Görüntüle
 M 01000575 PA6, GFR naturel PDF Görüntüle
 M 01900008 PA6, UNR naturel PDF Görüntüle
 M 01900009 PA6, UNR black PDF Görüntüle
 M 02000118 PA66, 30% glass fiber reinforced black PDF Görüntüle
 M 02900006 PA66, UNR black PDF Görüntüle
 M 04000005 PPH, 30% glass fiber reinforced black PDF Görüntüle
 M 04000391 PPH, %20 talc filled black PDF Görüntüle

Modification of recycled plastics by compounding with glass fiber, mineral fillers and other additives produces a substantial change in the properties of the base material and gives to compositions based on EcoSTAR® the following properties;

  • Tolerances as tight as virgin grades;
  • Larger processing window;
  • Sufficient mechanical properties;
  • Reduction of cost.
Product Types

Glass fibers – glass beads – mineral fillers are available with varying contents in different combinations. Heat stabilizers-hydrolysis stabilizers-lubricants-UV stabilizers- etc. are being used in non-reinforced and reinforced grades to increase specific material properties.


Tisan has a wide range of solutions for your applications. Please contact us for your needs.

Application Areas

EcoSTAR® finds itself in the area of application in many sectors. Some of these sectors are listed below.


  • Automotive
  • Transportation
  • Electric / electronic
  • Household appliances
  • Garden and power tools,
  • Safety equipment,
  • Furniture
Packing & Storage

EcoSTAR® are supplied in pellet form in moisture-proof 25 kg aluminum layer bags. Other forms of packing like octabins and big-bags with PE or aluminum in-liners are also available. During storage the material should be keep away from moisture and heat. A dry storage room or area is recommended, also sacks are used to protect the material from damage. Damaged material or ripped sacks should be closed tightly or transferred to metal containers and in some cases, drying may be necessary before use.